A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)

Regarding this ebook, just being made available on Amazon.com for preorder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088VWYX4Y?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420 But I would love to share some quotes here for you to decide whether you should give it a read or not. Hope you like the quotes till now, feel free to read more about this ebook – it’s a very short readContinue reading “A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)”

Staring back at friendship

We stared back At our friendship In a cafe full of Rusty French winds Meeting after such A long phase could Not change any glance In your eyes yet the Time we lost together Complained for a while For not giving it a chance To survive in our lives Peace, love and powerful Emotions allContinue reading “Staring back at friendship”

A Dreamy Refusal

A book and a dark chocolate Was there on my shelves Waiting to be used Waiting to be read Waiting to be tasted I couldn’t touch and they Remain seated on the chest of Shelves which were looking Out for to be covered by dust In my dreams, I knew I couldn’t use a singleContinue reading “A Dreamy Refusal”

Small Town Fever Inside

Dreams of big city born And raised upon Shoulders of little minds Carrying coins of strength, When being tossed by luck The one who belonged to Tiny roads full of mud Landed in shiny space Of newly known Landscape Yet the smell of muddy waters Surrounding the local shops Kept living and growing Inside eachContinue reading “Small Town Fever Inside”

When you said “I have changed”

Your words About me being changed Weren’t a surprise but Weren’t either loved By me outright For me to refuse it enough I built up a climate of frowns inside Yet kept running a show of Every single piece of smiles My heart can throw upon We walked, we talked Even though I agree AllContinue reading “When you said “I have changed””

Let me crave it

Feelings are imaginably Beautiful if they know How to express everytime In a right way with a decent Smile but no, that’s not how It happen instead it let you Sit in your mind for a while And then you blow it all up Not to expect the consequence But just to feel the reliefContinue reading “Let me crave it”

Life of Music

Arjun was living a life of an artist, waiting for his muse to arrive, to give him inspiration. Each day, he used to walk to his office where artist like him paints. All of them were struggling to be inspired. While walking towards office, each day, he was habitual of listening to some great music.Continue reading “Life of Music”