A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)

Regarding this ebook, just being made available on Amazon.com for preorder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088VWYX4Y?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420 But I would love to share some quotes here for you to decide whether you should give it a read or not. Hope you like the quotes till now, feel free to read more about this ebook – it’s a very short readContinue reading “A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)”

A Clock without time

It was fine Living with a peace of comfort Each and every day with time Running out to please everyone In a nice cosmic yet real display Passions took a backseat while Dreams were lost in a world of Artificial love to their dismay Then an unexpected chain of events Told me to change myselfContinue reading “A Clock without time”

Let me crave it

Feelings are imaginably Beautiful if they know How to express everytime In a right way with a decent Smile but no, that’s not how It happen instead it let you Sit in your mind for a while And then you blow it all up Not to expect the consequence But just to feel the reliefContinue reading “Let me crave it”

When I break-free

And finally years of my life comes back in one piece alive… They say passion and job are two different things. Somethings you got to do and somethings you need to do. But there are some things in your life, which your passion ensure you will do at some point of your journey. And howContinue reading “When I break-free”

Career break – Ok or Not Ok?

Break in career is an important step to reinvent ourselves or to get out of areas which no longer serve us any purpose. But then, why there is a strong perception in society that career break is harmful? Why most of us are unable to take this step even when it’s very much required? AvniContinue reading “Career break – Ok or Not Ok?”