A Flickering Mind

While staring towards a flickering light in his room, Amit thought how could he resolve the confusion in his life. Well, there were many issues surrounding his soul but the major was acceptance of his real self in front of others. He knew himself long back but couldn’t accept in front of his family, relativesContinue reading “A Flickering Mind”

A letter to Nature

Let me behave like a hopeful ray From the rising sun for to make A perfect effort to melt the heart Of my aim as it got the flames And the burning desire inside to Wake up the world outside Let me be a desert for a day For to see how the cactus ThriveContinue reading “A letter to Nature”

A Clock without time

It was fine Living with a peace of comfort Each and every day with time Running out to please everyone In a nice cosmic yet real display Passions took a backseat while Dreams were lost in a world of Artificial love to their dismay Then an unexpected chain of events Told me to change myselfContinue reading “A Clock without time”

An Early Awakening

To be awakened by birds in the early morning, I realized that beauty of the strength birds reflect actually resides in the dreamer’s eye who’s finally awake by their constant chirps; Yes, birds do survive brilliantly in this cosmoplotian world despite being deprived of the nature they crave in; To the feeling of how comeContinue reading “An Early Awakening”

A lonely walker

Striving to find a different universe Where I can live my ecstatic dreams Wandering lonely, I was looking for a Crowd that could handle my screams But once I reached the world Full of noise and mystery, My eyes could finally see, The world’s desire and my wish Weren’t having the same history They lieContinue reading “A lonely walker”

Small Town Fever Inside

Dreams of big city born And raised upon Shoulders of little minds Carrying coins of strength, When being tossed by luck The one who belonged to Tiny roads full of mud Landed in shiny space Of newly known Landscape Yet the smell of muddy waters Surrounding the local shops Kept living and growing Inside eachContinue reading “Small Town Fever Inside”

A Deceitful morning

A fine morning, while travelling in Uber, Sarah asked the driver – “Can you please turn around, I need to go back to home”. Driver with an estranged look in his eye replied – “But Mam, we have almost reached your destination”. Sarah said it again but this time, with firm determination in her mindContinue reading “A Deceitful morning”

A Beach-full Night Curtain

That voice I so adore was an outcast in sunny day of beach shores, when everyone so tall and so short enjoyed the gallons of water, flowing across the sun-dried floor. I waited with yet not so smoked cigarette in my hand for to let day close its door. Untimely wait with pretentious eyes keptContinue reading “A Beach-full Night Curtain”

An Elephant in the Room

He was right there standing tall, yet being ignored by every other piece of lively eyes while I watched it with much silence, others just laughed and smiled. They couldn’t see him rising but I saw it with full volume of my soul only to feel it later that it wasn’t them but my fearContinue reading “An Elephant in the Room”

Too late to start over?

“Mam, you inspire me. No one in my family believe in my capabilities but when I see you, I start believing in myself. I want to showcase my talent to the world just like you did.” Reema was going through words of her fans while she got stuck on this one. She is a successfulContinue reading “Too late to start over?”