A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)

Regarding this ebook, just being made available on Amazon.com for preorder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088VWYX4Y?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420 But I would love to share some quotes here for you to decide whether you should give it a read or not. Hope you like the quotes till now, feel free to read more about this ebook – it’s a very short readContinue reading “A Deceitful Evening (short e-book)”

Until the very end

Was it you? Who came knocking it all Like a storm in my heart And a wall in my mind Thunderous smiles and Strength full tears could Not hold my fears Running away from Simple to complex, I Opened the door but You were not there How foolishly I dived Into love-full cups Of yourContinue reading “Until the very end”

A Key-holder without a Key

While the life was still breathing after being covered by norms of social distancing, it was such a daunting task to re-route every activity as per pandemic’s need. As a family we never thought that going out for grocery could become such a challenging task. But now, when grocery has to be bought, we startContinue reading “A Key-holder without a Key”