Beauty of Flaws.. (A Lockdown Gift)

Our mind strive for perfection. In life, in people, in things. But our heart look for fulfillment in wishes, in feelings, in desires. Finding a balance in between the two is actually quite a tough task but that’s life and that’s what we learn in it to deal with. For some, flaws are tough toContinue reading “Beauty of Flaws.. (A Lockdown Gift)”

A wonderful spin of love

It wasn’t a mere luck, he planned it all the way to have her finally in the real sense. Avni’s family was too conservative but she was too modern to be living her life in a conservative mode. At-least her intelligence paid off and she moved to a new city to settle down independently. While,Continue reading “A wonderful spin of love”

Never Let Me Go..

This is a short story of a relationship trial and letting go of physical presence of a lover but not of mindful thoughts and heart full love. If you see through my eyes, its a story experienced by most of the people in their lives. Where you try hard and put efforts to build aContinue reading “Never Let Me Go..”