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Too late to start over?

“Mam, you inspire me. No one in my family believe in my capabilities but when I see you, I start believing in myself. I want to showcase my talent to… Too late to start over?

A Grateful night

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Fear of unknown, fear of getting in touch with a stranger on social web. It was all there when I met him online. In the most usual way, Facebook. It was the love for web-series that got us in touch. Never saw him or met him before. But something got clicked.…

If my mirror could speak

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We always check ourselves in mirror, sometimes to see how do we look in front of the world, and less of the times to see how do we look in front of ourselves. I wish if our mirrors could speak. It would have been so amazing. They know our stories, they…

A Beach-full Night Curtain

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That voice I so adore was an outcast in sunny day of beach shores, when everyone so tall and so short enjoyed the gallons of water, flowing across the sun-dried floor. I waited with yet not so smoked cigarette in my hand for to let day close its door. Untimely wait…

More than ordinary

We all strive to feel something extraordinary at least once in our life. Love makes you feel the same. It makes you feel more than ordinary in a moment. You are being desired by someone and you become a source of happiness for someone else. Yes, its an amazing feeling but how do we knowContinue reading “More than ordinary”

A Different End

Excitement is unbelievably awesome in the beginning. You are starting a new phase or you just bought a new house or you are starting a new job or you may be entering in a new field altogether, there will be one thing which will connect all the new events and that would be excitement ofContinue reading “A Different End”

The Good Observer

Loners generally become good observers in life. And these observers later develop skills to connect and feel. They may not be social enough, but they can sense well on the outer rings of life. Neerja was like that. A loner running away from the past with the only wish in her heart to never revisitContinue reading “The Good Observer”

Small Town Fever Inside

Originally posted on Shortreads:
Dreams of big city born And raised upon Shoulders of little minds Carrying coins of strength, When being tossed by luck The one who belonged to Tiny roads full of mud Landed in shiny space Of newly known Landscape Yet the smell of muddy waters Surrounding the local shops Kept living…

A Flickering Mind

While staring towards a flickering light in his room, Amit thought how could he resolve the confusion in his life. Well, there were many issues surrounding his soul but the major was acceptance of his real self in front of others. He knew himself long back but couldn’t accept in front of his family, relativesContinue reading “A Flickering Mind”

Until the very end

Was it you? Who came knocking it all Like a storm in my heart And a wall in my mind Thunderous smiles and Strength full tears could Not hold my fears Running away from Simple to complex, I Opened the door but You were not there How foolishly I dived Into love-full cups Of yourContinue reading “Until the very end”


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