Beauty of Flaws.. (A Lockdown Gift)

Our mind strive for perfection. In life, in people, in things. But our heart look for fulfillment in wishes, in feelings, in desires. Finding a balance in between the two is actually quite a tough task but that’s life and that’s what we learn in it to deal with. For some, flaws are tough to ignore and for some, flaws are part of life. I have met many people who accept flaws so easily as they understand it’s inherent part of human life. We all are flawed, no one is perfect in every sense.

Beauty of flaws is that our heart determines if flaws are to become uncontrollable situations or wonderful experiences for others.

Such are my characters of the short Ebook “A DECEITFUL EVENING”. They are flawed and they are not perfect. It’s a short thriller which will reflect on some shortcomings and brilliant flaws in humans. With this short read, I am aiming to let you think more about the flaws in people through emotions. Can we embrace it? What if they become so big in someone that it’s uncontrollable to embrace it? What if we are unable to control our emotions and our feelings overrule the logic in our mind? Can we think about it?

This story is all about experiencing flaws with beauty of emotions. And I hope you are able to see love, deceit, friendship, connection, danger, and all other feelings/emotions through this read.

Since, most of us are stuck in troubling times, so I wanted to divert each mind for a short thrilling read. And as a “Lockdown Gift” I have made this Ebook free from 4th June to 8th June.

You can DOWNLOAD from AMAZON for FREE now (Valid ONLY till 8th June). Read in Free Kindle App. A Lock-down gift for readers.

Have shared links below for both – Global readers and Indian readers.

FOR INDIAN READER (a free read) -Link below


FOR GLOBAL READER (a free read) – Link below

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