More than ordinary

We all strive to feel something extraordinary at least once in our life. Love makes you feel the same. It makes you feel more than ordinary in a moment. You are being desired by someone and you become a source of happiness for someone else. Yes, its an amazing feeling but how do we know that this is the kind of permanent love we strive for? Is it temporary? Will it go soon? We always have this fear in mind.

Neerja had this fear too. She knew that “whenever everything is going right, something weird surely visit her life just to give hell of a twist to her happiness“. She wanted to fall in the kind of love that can make her feel alive. She was in the same kind of love after a long time. How could she know if he is the one who would come over to save her if the world is ending? An extreme character, Neerja believed in extreme feelings. Compromise never existed in dictionary of her mind. What will she do if he isn’t the one as he appeared to be? Will she give up on him? or will she give up on her feelings for him? Deceit is a strong word and a strong feeling. How would she deal with deceit in her love life.

Let’s check the same in a short ebook “A DECEITFUL EVENING” (Short romantic thriller). I would love to see how your minds will react to see the twist in this love-story. Get ready to see an unimaginable love story with completely different sides of a dangerous romance. Let’s see what could be the result of seeking something more than ordinary.

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