“A Deceitful Evening” short ebook

It’s an amazing feeling when you can finally see your written words on a platform you admire so much.

“A DECEITFUL EVENING” (Ebook) is available on Amazon now – Check out the link below. It’s written with much love (my first ever short eBook). If you have read my earlier stories here, you would have an idea about my writing but let me tell you how’s its different from any of the short stories that I have written so far.

It was an idea which got stuck in my head for months to finally come down on paper in words. A short romantic thriller which could not only give people an idea about an amazing romance but tell us about a story of a dangerous romance. Characters have flaws in the story just like we all have in real lives but certain flaws are much beyond the real world of ours.

Assume if you ever face a scenario where your love turned out to be the most dangerous part of your life?? What would do to survive?? That’s how Neerja experienced an unimaginably freakish event. She has finally received a real love in her life after a long time but how dangerous it was for her, she has to discover yet…

Check it out and feel free to share feedback with me. Would love to see your response. If you are deciding to read, don’t forget to share review on Amazon, it’s critical for new authors like us. Your one small review can act as a boon.

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