A Different End

Excitement is unbelievably awesome in the beginning. You are starting a new phase or you just bought a new house or you are starting a new job or you may be entering in a new field altogether, there will be one thing which will connect all the new events and that would be excitement of a new beginning.

Beginnings bring new hope and hope is a really attractive feeling. But what if you have already exhausted that time period of excitement, what if this beginning has become an old and familiar feeling, what if it doesn’t let you crave anymore – would you leave or redefine it? Most of us won’t be able to leave, we will continue on the same path as it provides the comfort and familiarity. It’s very tough to diverge yourself from a path which seems safe enough. Very few, will try to redefine it or will look for another new beginning. But why do we do that? Why there comes a need to look for a different beginning. The real reason is happiness. We aren’t happy but we are safe following the current path of life. We don’t divert from it but still we seek pleasurable vibes. The issue is that we want a different end, we want an end where we could feel happy and if that end hasn’t come yet, we feel its time to look for a new beginning which can lead us towards a desired end.

Such a different end was looked by Rajesh. He met Neerja and fell in love. But he wasn’t the one who was destined to find love in his life. His past couldn’t allow him to live a normal life, even his present was carrying deep dark shadows of his bitter truth. He couldn’t live a normal peaceful life but when he met her, he knew the meaning of love. She was the one who could found him in love alive. But she didn’t know his real truth. He was a normal person in her eyes. And there comes an event which was ready to showcase the real truth and let Neerja know that it’s not the love that she imagined it to be.

Two lovers in two different worlds assumed enough to fall in undying love but weren’t aware of a process to come out of it. They wished hard to let their love survive the toughest time of their lives. But how could a dangerous romance survive the test of time?

Let’s see in an upcoming short-story – “A DECEITFUL EVENING” (short eBook releasing on 30 May at Amazon).

Characters of my story believed in this theme – “A beginning isn’t a need but a desire to see a different end”

You can preorder here (Amazon.com) – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088VWYX4Y?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420

For Indian customers, it will be available for purchase on 30 May at Amazon.in.

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