The Good Observer

Loners generally become good observers in life. And these observers later develop skills to connect and feel. They may not be social enough, but they can sense well on the outer rings of life.

Neerja was like that. A loner running away from the past with the only wish in her heart to never revisit the past. She came all alone to a new city for a fresh start. Thank god, she could afford that in this time of her life.

Once she reached, she thought this time, she would ensure to live differently. Walking through every single corner of her new place, she promised herself for not to let this venue behave like her old self. She was having a void inside which was seeking truth outside. But she wanted the place to be lively enough.

She is a kind of person who hates to interact much and you can always find her lost in her own thoughts. People could find her rude but she wasn’t rude. Conversations aren’t necessity for her soul unless it’s the talk heart craves for. Meaning is what she look in every word being spoken in front of her and meaning is what she never used to get from an outside world. She observes people though. She used to observe them beautifully, scientifically and thoughtfully. If not this, why not. If not that, why not. Such questions frequently came in her mind and in her soul.

Want to know, how she proceeded further in this new part of her life and how the two interesting characters were waiting ahead for her to venture into a tale of twist and surprise – check it out in the upcoming eBook “A Deceitful Evening”.

It’s a tale of mystery, romance where love find itself intertwined with concept of love and death – And that’s how you can define this short story exactly.

Yes, this was my way of introducing you to the main character of this story. Releasing on all markets of Amazon on 30 May.

You can preorder this by clicking on the link below :-

And thatโ€™s my ebook ๐Ÿ’œ

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