Passing through a black hole

The wish of mine

Was interfering too

Much with will of my

Dreams to come true

But they weren’t seeing any

Growth as I was passing

Through a street of black hole

It was all vague yet real

I couldn’t feel anything

In between the whole

Void, moments of my

Life were passing by in

Front of my eyes till I

Tried to hold it all in that

One moment where I knew

I was send on this earth to

Live this dream of mine

Ways of expression become

Bleak to my painful sky till

The colours of words came

Running in the life just to

Write it out in all different

Means and I knew there

Wasn’t any better way to

Express it inside and out

While holding on to that

Moment, realisation came

Strong and true that it isn’t

Worth to let yourself live like

You are passing through each

Day like a black and empty

Void inside your head when

Your heart craves for a cheerful

Vibes of your soul and it’s dreams

Struggle was real when I holded

On to that moment and couldn’t

Let it go as it was all I had before

I could say a final goodbye till the

End for a new beginning to begin

Again but this time with new means

And new hope of not ever having a

Chance to pass through a black hole

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