Let me crave it

If only, it would have been that simple


Feelings are imaginably

Beautiful if they know

How to express everytime

In a right way with a decent

Smile but no, that’s not how

It happen instead it let you

Sit in your mind for a while

And then you blow it all up

Not to expect the consequence

But just to feel the relief of

Giving it away to others

I wish I couldn’t be that empty

When someone deserved

True form of emotion from

Each drop of my tears and

Every corner of my smiles

But when the entire world force

You to showcase the feelings

Outside rather than save it in

The mind box, you are inclined

To use whatever manners come

For your display and yes, you

Will enjoy the release since it

Gives a satisfaction of being free

But I wish if I could crave it more

Before I could set myself free at all

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