A letter to Nature

Let me behave like a hopeful ray

From the rising sun for to make

A perfect effort to melt the heart

Of my aim as it got the flames

And the burning desire inside to

Wake up the world outside

Let me be a desert for a day

For to see how the cactus

Thrive in me when no one

Could survive so easily

Let me become the drop

Of water flown by winds

Carrying the butterfly wings

To the hope filled vessels of life

Where rain & sunshine mix to thrive

Make me a budding leaf for a day

Which comes out of deep dark

Pockets of a barren land while

The land look like a dry mess

Leaf still takes it as a

Home for a sure yes

Let me be the sunny sky

Which acts as a armour

To protect us from the chills

& secrets of the dark world

Let me wander as lonely

As an autumn leaf fallen

From the tree yet kept by

The wind for to become

As free as it can be

And before you make

Me all of this, let me tell

That my journey towards

You began when I saw you

Living the life I imagined it to be

And I know for sure in my heart

One day, my changed self will turn

Back to see that you are still the

Same as you were there before me.

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