A Broken Promise

Two years of a higher study far away from home wasn’t a bad deal at all if during this time, you are able to grasp a beginning to a new career and a new life. Smita was happy. She was really happy. Finally, she has completed her post graduation and she was going to land up on her feet in a new exciting world of marketing. She has already got an opportunity to work with amazing people. And, she has love of her life by her side. Both of this happened during her post graduation and she was so happy that finally, it was all worth it. Money and time she has spend on it was worth it.

But now, before she could start her new job, there was a break of few weeks. While her boyfriend has gone to his hometown, she was living her lonely life in her own town. And just then, an amazing idea got stuck in her head and she called up her BF to say upfront all it once. “Hey, I wanted to talk to you. How are you doing there?” She said to him. Ajay (her BF) replied “I am doing good hon, home is so relaxing. Tell me what do you want to say?”. “Darling, let’s arrange a meeting of our parents. We have enough time before we start our careers with a new job. And after then, we all will get busy. Our home towns are not that far. We can arrange a meeting. You always said to me that I will leave you one day but now you can see that I was always damn serious about you” She said it all out in open and now ball was in his court. “Smita, I understand your point but are you sure about this all. I know you are serious and even I am serious. But I am not sure about my parents. I am not sure how they will react” He replied. She couldn’t hold her anger and she replied with unhappy tunes in her mind.

You haven’t told them yet. I already have told my parents and we promised each other that we till tell them once we land at our respective homes. It’s been days and you are still hesitating. What is this?

Hon, it will be all good. I am just waiting for the right time. Relax.

What relax? I told my parents. My mom wasn’t very happy either. But I know they love me, so they will get used to my happiness which is with you. Can’t you explain the same way to your parents?

I can, Smita and I will. But, you need to give me sometime.

Two years weren’t enough for you.

Don’t take it in a wrong way. Ok, Let’s arrange a meeting and before the same, I will tell them why all of us are meeting anyway.

Sure, let’s arrange it next weekend.


In a fine-dine family restaurant, two families were gathering with hidden emotions in their minds. Totally opposite. Ahh, not in culture but in mind-set. One was open and one was conservative enough. Everything was going according to plan of Smita and Ajay till Ajay’s father interrupted to ask Smita. “So, what is your plan for future? You know, Ajay is going to work for 1 or 2 years but after that he will join our family business back at our hometown. I hope he told you that” His father asked. “I am sorry but I wasn’t aware of it. But even then, we all can figure it out. It’s just that we both have worked so far to achieve all of it and it would be really tough to give it up all at once just to settle in a home town. You know uncle, we won’t be able to get that career and high paying jobs back in our hometowns”. “That’s fine. Who needs it? We don’t and we have enough through our business. Ajay has to come back to join our business and if you are coming with him, you have to compromise on the same”. Smita was silently tolerating the shock. She didn’t say much as all of the family members were there.

Once the meeting was over, Smita took Ajay in a corner and asked.

Are you kidding me? You never told me that you have real plans to come back at your hometown and join that business of yours.

No, I don’t have that plans. That’s my father’s plan. Not mine.

Then, why are you not honest with him? Why couldn’t you interrupt when we were talking and told him that you never wanted this?

It’s complicated. You won’t get it.

Try me.

Listen, I can’t explain all of it now. You wanted our parents to meet. They did met. Now, let’s leave up-to them.

Leave up-to them. What is this? You want to leave our life on them.

I don’t want to argue. I will chat with you later.

Ajay left. Leaving all the confusion and anger in her mind. Soon, after few days, they connected back when everything was chilled out. And he said “Smita, you know I love you but since our families are totally different we can’t be together. My family is completely against this relation. After meeting you, my father wasn’t happy and I can’t go against him. I am sorry”. And then she replied with no feelings.

So you wanted this Ajay.

No, offcourse not.

Then, where is your effort to save our relation.

See, you know I can’t leave my parents.

You don’t have to leave them. You need to convince them.

I knew you wont get it. It’s not compulsory for every relationship to convert into marriage.

Ohh, that’s true. But then you don’t have to fake your feelings that you love me. Your actions are speaking the real truth.

I can’t argue and I know you will take time to understand. Will connect later.

Call was cut. So was the relation. It took a long time for Smita to get her soul back. Months passed. She was working at a new place with a new job till he met one of his batch-mates who was a joint friend of Smita and Ajay. He told her that Ajay was getting engaged. He knew about their breakup. But he asked her one more thing “Why did you leave him?”. She couldn’t understand and she said “What?”. “Yeah, Ajay told us that you left him. You know our friend circle believed that you behaved like a bitch. Sorry for my words but that’s what we believe. That’s why we never interacted with you further”. “So, this was the reason why so many friends of my circle except few never interacted with me” She replied. And he said to her further “Yes exactly. But when you asked me today to catch up, I couldn’t refuse. Being in same city, I thought I can hear your side too”. She asked to him “When is he getting engaged? And are you invited for his engagement?”. “Next week and I will be going” he replied. “Cool, pick me up and I will go with you. Don’t worry I will make up everything back to normal and I will be going there just to wish him. Don’t tell him though, it will be like a good surprise for my friend. After all he was my friend first” She said. And he replied “Sure, dear, sounds good to me but ensure no drama Ok. Absolutely, no drama”.

Next week, she landed in the engagement of Ajay. Their close friend circle was sitting around a table where she also joined in. Everyone was in shock seeing her. Later, Ajay came towards the table to connect with his friends before the engagement can really begin. He was shocked to see Smita. He didn’t invited her. He blocked her the day after they stopped communicating. But now, he has to face her.

Smita congratulated Ajay in front of all of them and asked him.

Hi Ajay, big congrats dear. You forget to invite me but I ensured that I will come to make up for our lost friendship.

Smita, it’s fine. You can take a seat.

Really. I can. Thank you dear. You know one of my close friend told me that it was me who left you. You poor soul. But see you were so nice that you end up getting another love in such a short time. Good things happen with good people. You are a good person and everyone here believe it. Let’s try to tell them the real truth. Shall we.

Common Smita, stop it. I knew its hard for us to move on. But we have to. Don’t create a scene.

Another friend interrupted “Don’t create a scene Smita. You are the one who left him and now, you come here uninvited and create a scene like this. It’s uncalled for”.

See, that’s why I came here. Engagement hasn’t started yet and I will go before it starts. I am here only to share the truth. No fights, no drama at all. So Ajay, are you capable enough to share it or should I?

Smita, please stop it. You should go.

No, no. You left me. You are the one who blocked me. You refused to keep this relation. You couldn’t convince your parents. You are the reason because of which most of my close friends believe that I am a bitch. So, No. We are going to tell them the real truth. And then I will go. I would wish you luck for your journey. If you can’t, I will tell them the truth. So, everyone listen. I wasn’t the one who left him. He lied to all of you. Just to take care of his good image. He left me because his parents couldn’t approve of my career oriented mindset. He never even showed any effort to save our relationship. And I finally moved away from him since there wasn’t any love left for me. Would you agree to this Ajay in front of them? Or your soon to be fiance is coming here, do you want me to create a scene in front of her? Do you? Just say the truth and I will go.

Yes, this is the truth. But it wasn’t my fault. I was just fulfilling my parent’s wish. I am sorry guys. Smita, please go now.

And the friends replied to him “She won’t go alone. We all will go with her. You are such an idiot Ajay and an asshole. Enjoy your engagement without your friends. We are done. Come on Smita, let’s leave together and we are sorry we judged you without knowing the real truth”.

And everyone left. Ajay was left there standing alone. While a group of friends gathered over a small cafe to catch up with real life chit chats. Smita was finally happy to see her lost friends. She was happy to see herself moving on. And she thought why promises play a crucial role in our lives. She wanted only one thing from him.

Feel free to break your promise

But never let it break my soul

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