Relation with Anxiety

Whenever I learn to make

Peace with things I don’t love

I could see a smile being misplaced

And soon ignorance wasn’t enough

But it seems inner walls could feel

Something building up

It was growing day by day and

Night by night till one evening

I took a break to feel the self vibe

Those few hours became the deepest

Yet darkest moments just to realize

That I have lost huge part of mine

In lost battles against the materials

Of world which I never admired

A combination of a fine morning

And an average afternoon got

Followed up by an evening sky

Full of doubts and gloom

Which could see it coming

In waves and my chest was

Rising up like a cloud which

Couldn’t wait enough to fly

Outside leading me in a state

Of Pressure which was too high

I got two options now – Either

I let my life to move out Or

I learn to live with momentarily

Death even and out

Since, then you have become

Inseparable part of my life

Though I don’t know yet

How to deal with you and

How to control you but

I do know that you are the

Only thing which’s experienced

Solely by me for myself

So, I welcome you now

Each and every night

Sometimes you show me

There’s someone to tag along

Sometimes I show you that

You could still find the right

Amount of peace in me

Just to sleep tight

2 thoughts on “Relation with Anxiety

  1. complete the tasks of your present and with time, the future to you, won’t feel as scary.
    this was well written 🙂


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