A Dreamy Refusal

A book and a dark chocolate

Was there on my shelves

Waiting to be used

Waiting to be read

Waiting to be tasted

I couldn’t touch and they

Remain seated on the chest of

Shelves which were looking

Out for to be covered by dust

In my dreams, I knew

I couldn’t use a single piece

Of you but you kept coming

Nearby and walked away by showering

Such unwanted things in my life

With a refusal eagerly in dreams

And vaguely in reality, you thought

The task is done but as a panelty

Truth unfolded itself not so soon

But with a good intensity

We burned with its

Fast yet deep cuts

In matters of heart

Nothing could beat the reality

Since It wasn’t a game of chess

Rather a straight show of emotion

Either I have it or I have it not

That dreamy refusal which

Couldn’t happen on time

Could have saved me

From all of the trouble

Built up by you in my mind

It was my favorite book

And I still couldn’t read a single

Word from its body full of dust

And no matter how much

I wish to taste the chocolaty

Thought of yours, I have to

Opt for not using it

For a mere show of pleasure

As it was always about an emotion

Either I have it or I have it not

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