A Beach-full Night Curtain

That voice I so adore was an outcast in sunny day of beach shores, when everyone so tall and so short enjoyed the gallons of water, flowing across the sun-dried floor. I waited with yet not so smoked cigarette in my hand for to let day close its door. Untimely wait with pretentious eyes kept enjoying sunset though sub-conscious reality wanted to see a clear night down the sky’s throat. Finally, stars were clean and clear, deeply embedded in the sky. Despite being touched and misplaced by an uncontrollable speed of wind, sky could feel the stars which remain glued to its bed like crystals being twinned. While a filtered smoke walk beside me, I heard the most loved voice of glassy waves which were coming towards me for a dark clarity and a clean thought. With their friendly touch, my inner walls started breaking slowly and steadily, turning grey soil of the beach into a black floor. Without any mundane activities around, water and I found each other on a common ground. Adoring this beautiful calamity, I planned to walk away from an expensive you who preferred to sit in the balcony of a luxurious room. Your eyes could watch it through but nothing could hold me anymore as I cried with happiness all alone.

Finally, a complete black beach keeping moonlight side by side opened up a two way dialogue to see a real me inside. A sudden thought tore me up just to keep me embedded enough. If there wasn’t a walk that night, a crushed soul might have visited two people twice just to discover its pieces being drowned in self-centered waters of a big bluff. Later, a silver night was found living on black shores as a self-admired host just to showcase its awakening curtain that Freedom in this world surely comes with a cost.

Background of the story –

It was a wonderful beach-full day. Shreya was walking aside Anil thinking how far they have come. She had never imagined that this day in her life would come true. He was her classmate who got detached from her life once they moved out of their home-city to study abroad. She has gone to Paris for her graduation while he studied in London for five years in one go. Though they kept in touch via electronic mediums, something was pulling it off. They couldn’t give this friendship a further push to become a real piece of relationship. Mutual admiration was there. He thought she had a boyfriend, well she was with guys in most of the pics and yes, there was a guy who constantly came as a wind in her face-book images. She thought, he was with a girl, he must be in love with her for sure since he kept admiring her posts and kept sharing so many pictures with her. So, Shreya and Anil admired each other throughout their graduation days and even through their master’s degree phase. Their timings of returning back to home for a break couldn’t match and there, they lost a chance to give this friendship a catch. Finally, Anil took a job in Hyderabad, while Shreya got a chance to work in Bangalore. Two cities weren’t that far. But still, they weren’t that close. And the birthday came, she wished him. He replied and chat’s begin. Somehow, she managed to ask if he was celebrating it with his girlfriend and there, he revealed that he didn’t have any. Both connected and he said how much he missed her and how much he missed a chance to date her if she was single. She said that she had a break-up before joining the job. Both knew, this was the time to explore their friendship further. Both knew, this would be the last chance to give it a real try to make it right. Chats were there. Love was blooming. Too much of intimacy had already developed electronically, but there was an issue. He always kept himself first and her second. He always admired his achievement more and her passions less.

Despite, she started loving him right. There were gifts coming for him, there were so many love messages for him now. But she was getting only flirty vibes, not of any meaningful conversation outright. Still, she thought, they had a connection left to explore. And he admired her every piece of wardrobe, her eyes, her lips, her hair, her fashion sense, and her hips. He made him sound craving for all of this through every night, while the day was spend through her caring love full messages. Whether, the match was right or wrong, both have decided to meet for sure.

The meeting was planned. There was a weekend. Flights were booked for them to explore a secluded beach. It was her plan. She was good at arrangements. There were no troubles observed. He was impressed with her beauty, while she admired her meticulous approach. Beach was stunning, secluded with only few huts having a beach front luxury. No doubt, they have spend the money too much for only three days trip. But, both wanted to make sure that they have a good time after all. And once they landed on beach, it was almost an afternoon. After a lavish lunch, they took each other in their arms. He was very much inclined to get intimate while she puts his lust on a break. Finally, after a much needed rest, they moved out for a walk and she was caught thinking how beautiful was the day. Soon, Anil was troubled with too much water and sky, he wanted some coolness and some sexy vibes. She accepted the proposal and moved inside in their private lavish treat-full hut which seemed like a temporary house. Pillows were luxurious, so were the light blue curtains. She seemed delicious to him in peachy silk veins. Though she wasn’t in much mood of the sex on the first day, she still accepted the proposal to let him feel her inside. Who knows, maybe she will thrive. While, they did it, he was a happy little child but she was disappointed soul who was missing the real “ahhh” vibe. And then, again when she wanted to have some heart-full chats, he discarded her pleas and asked for sex. While, the first time she tried to be nice, she said it no the second time. And he was upset. She stared outside and could spot some couples enjoying the sunset, while she was sitting in the balcony with a fool’s paradise.

Next morning, he came to her and asked her politely to join him in bath, she seemed happy and joined him after all. They managed to have a good time for him but again he never asked her what she really want rather focused on guiding her what he wanted and how she could let him achieve it. It seemed to her, she was there for mere pleasure. She told him to join her on beach. This time, he couldn’t refuse as there wasn’t anything else left to do. He joined. She was managing her peace. While she walked inside the waves of ocean, he told himself to remain on the beach’s floor. She was finally having fun but for this, she didn’t need him. He was there, standing upright on the floor of such a beautiful sky but with an irritating mind.

While, the evening came, she tried to take him for a romantic dinner though he should have planned that. She was giving him a full try. They ordered. But he didn’t liked her choice. And then discussions happened, finally about the family, friends, college and job. It was all about him and he couldn’t stop. It wasn’t about her at all. He was there to preach. He was there for to be admired. A self-centered him hasn’t changed after all. She was disappointed finally. She couldn’t believe that she had wasted this time on such a breathtakingly beautiful place with a lunatic soul. And she walked away. He asked – “What’s her problem?”. She said – “Nothing, I’m just going to take a walk”. He replied – “No problem, but join me in bed later”.

And, she walked. The sky was clear, dark yet bright with stars. She took out her cigarette. She was waiting till sunset to see a starry night on the beach side. The smoke of cigarette got mixed up with her emotional flames. She was asking to the sky, if she should return back and said that self centered ass a good bye. After so much struggle, throughout all these years, she met him finally. But he wasn’t what she expected. It seemed that her beautiful expectations met a dark reality. While she walked, and walked, more and more waves touched her feet and her soul. She was breaking it up. She was opening her up. She was finally breathing and she cried heavily for the moments she couldn’t let go. He was there in his lavish balcony, watching her from distance. She could still see him but moved away from his mind and his eccentric soul. Slowly and slowly, night was getting dark and her mind was getting more clarity. She breathed. She knew that she has to walk away from all of this. That night with a beach-full sight came with an insight. It’s awakening curtain was blown away with a message for her soul. She knew, her freedom will come at cost. But she was ready to bear it after all.

6 thoughts on “A Beach-full Night Curtain

  1. ONE QUESTION Vinisha Mam :
    “She knew, her freedom will come at cost. But she was ready to bear it after all.”
    At what cost Shreya beleived her freedom will come & why was she ready to bear it after all??


    1. Nice question, was hoping someone to raise it 🙂

      Cost was losing the last hope to have love, losing the connect with someone she had known for so long , losing a chance of friendship as they couldn’t take it ahead to love

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Arey, such a big dumbass and fool I am. Jo tumne mujhe upar 2 comments me btaya, woh toh main woh blog padhke hi samajh gya tha dat he was a self centered eccentric soul. So, I obviously support her decision to quit dat relationship. Bas, woh cost word ne mujhe confuse kr diya. But, now I got it. Thanks.
    Aur, iss story ka honestly main yehi end chaahta tha dat Shreya takes a stand for herself in the end & rather not carry the burden of dat relationship & drag it down unnecessarily.


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