Too late to start over?

Mam, you inspire me. No one in my family believe in my capabilities but when I see you, I start believing in myself. I want to showcase my talent to the world just like you did.” Reema was going through words of her fans while she got stuck on this one. She is a successful you-tuber. She has over a million followers. And she host wonderful online cookery shows. While reading the above comment of a fan, she has gone into her past world. Her past. With no success. With no recognition. She was a Mom and a Wife, that’s all.

“Raj, I want to take out some time for myself now. I am going to dedicate myself to showcase my cooking talent to the world”. Reema was saying these words patiently to her husband, awaiting his reply and support. He replied in a usual ignoring tone – “And how do you think, you will do it?”. She replied – “I am thinking of starting an online channel. So many people are doing this, I can do it too”. Raj added – “Reema, those are the young people who know marketing and technology enough. And you? you are not even aware of latest technology. Not even active on social media. You are just going to waste your time. Look at your age, you are in 50s. Is this the right time to do such things? Why don’t you shift your focus towards your family and kids. You have everything. So, what’s the need of all this”. Reema stayed silent. She knew there is no point of discussing this further with him. End of argument which couldn’t even begin. But it wasn’t the end of her dream.

Within a month, she learned a lot about social media. About running YouTube channels and possible ways to make interesting videos. She kept on asking her kids to understand some of the things. Kids thought their mom is just curious. While, nobody was aware that she was working with a plan in her mind, she dedicated her early mornings and late nights towards her dream. She loved that peaceful time when her family has no demands. And before they start asking for breakfast and all, she was back to her normal mode. After a month, she launched her YouTube channel. She started sharing her cooking videos but needed more technical and marketing help. Then she recalled, that one of her close friend has made her name quite successful in corporate world. She was known for marketing ideas. So, Reema decided to took her help. The problem was that she wasn’t in touch with her. It was Raj who hated her friend for her pure guts. So, Reema avoided the meets and soon, her friendship faded before it could last a decade’s end. But nevertheless, she thought of giving it a try and she dropped her a message for seeking a help. After a day, she received a reply and a call. Both friends connected back and had a long chat. Finally, Reema has someone whom she can receive a guidance and support after-all. Videos took weeks to gain popularity. But cooking field was like that, more people give a try to recipes and see the worth, more it will become popular. She was determined to not give up. She was constantly sharing posts each day of her new content. She was becoming a real you-tuber. She learned the way a teen kid could ever learn an upcoming trend. And the progress was showing up. Subscribers list kept going up. Soon, after 3 months journey, she was having a great followup of people in thousands and thousands. She finally broke the news to her family. Kids who only looked her up for food and clothes, was shocked to see that her Mom has become an online star while they remained average children. While her husband couldn’t believe that she achieved all of it without his help, he took his own sweet time to decide how it was possible at the first place.

After a year, she was having over a million subscribers and unlimited online followups for her advice. She was earning online. She has become independent after a long time. And while she was contemplating all of this, she heard a voice. It was her daughter. She was calling her to celebrate a birthday. The event was planned nicely, place was decorated enough. For the first time, Reema’s birthday was being celebrated with so much fun and admiration. Guess what, her close friend was also invited. Seems like Raj has learned to not hate Reema’s close friend anymore.

And now seeing comment of her fan who was not getting any support from his family, Reema replied -“It’s Okay, keep going. I had the same experience. The only support you deserve during such times, needs to come from your own heart.”

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