If my mirror could speak

We always check ourselves in mirror, sometimes to see how do we look in front of the world, and less of the times to see how do we look in front of ourselves. I wish if our mirrors could speak. It would have been so amazing. They know our stories, they know when we cried in front of them, they know when we smiled in front of them, they also know when we secretly admired ourselves. They know everything. But the issue is that they can’t speak. Imagine if they could, how wonderfully magical would your world be.

Thinking of this thought, I was trying to complete a poem, while I could manage only four lines:-

"If my mirror could speak
It would bring my fails alive when
I reflected myself in it to see
If any worth is left behind
To try one more time"

I could write only these four lines, and soon got lost in my thought which provoked these words in my mind. “Try one more time”. This was a trail to regain lost friendship. One of the best friendships I ever had with someone. I met him when I walked first time out of my city while I was travelling in train to attend first semester of my first ever college time which was awaiting to begin. We were both travelling towards the same destination but completely unaware that we are going to attend the same college. He got some devilish charms. I was an introvert, prefer to read a novel at an already decided corner of my booked seat. While, he was roaming all around like a mad bird inside the coach of a train where I wanted my peace.

His problem was that he couldn’t stay silent or stay at one place at one time without creating a scene. An extrovert with extreme energy, an attention seeker but creating a fun moment from one time to another. So, when he walked in the coach where I was living in peace, he decided to create a havoc of my dreams. Everyone, including a very old couple, became participator in his activities. Well, he was like that. Very tough to ignore at first. He wanted everyone to play cards with him. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to play cards, he was offering a free class. I bluntly ignored, on frequent requests, I still behaved that I don’t care enough to play. Thank god, I was spared. But, rest of the people surely took it as a means to have fun.

Once the fun ended in the train, everyone was trying to have some dinner and this guy suddenly peeked at my seat where I was looking through my admission letter. I wanted to take a screen-shot and he noticed that I am going to same college as of his. Now, without having any idea that my world would receive a wonderful intrusion from this stranger, I was ready to go for a goodnight sleep. But Mr. extrovert couldn’t see that. He came closer and said, “Hey, You are going into the same college where I have got the admission”. And I thought, Ohh god, what a coincidence. While I said, “That’s great, good to know”. But he wasn’t finished, entire night, he kept me awake and discussed the stories of his life which made him to join this college specifically out of all the options he could have in life. Journey ended, we reached our destination, but the real journey began.

That was the day when he started troubling me and it never ended. Meanwhile, in his troubles and tease, I could see a flair of friendship. I was so away from life, while he was so close to it. He taught me how to live in the moment and how not to crib every time. Now, I knew not only to survive but also to thrive. We enjoyed our back-pack rides, our travels, our fun-stories, our exams, our failures and our success in the final placement rides. While, the end of the month was so near and we knew, now our journey would end soon here. He wasn’t worried at all. He knew, we will remain friends for each other. But, I was worried. I loved him more than a friend. It was the last time I could have ever said to him that I really loved him. Didn’t wanted to miss that chance but hey, he already had a girlfriend back in his home-city. It seems that he really loved her. Despite of everything, I decided to tell him.

We were going for our last ride. He took his bike. I sat behind and it was almost night. We were going to have an ice cream bite just across our college street. While, enjoying the taste of almost melted creams, I thought not to let this chance go away from my heart. Didn’t wanted to have any regret at all. So, I decided to speak but words couldn’t come out of my mouth. While, on our way back, he was still riding the bike and I was still just sitting behind him, thinking, how would I tell him. Then, with just an urge to feel him, I took my arms around him and hugged him tight from behind the sky of my mind and my chest. He could feel it and I could sense it. Something was unusual in our friendship that night. Just in that moment, an old couple was travelling on their scooter aside us. The lady was sitting patiently at the back and was staring right at me and my guts to hold a guy like we are in a romantic spree. I stared back at her and smiled. I didn’t cared at all that night.

Next day, he called me in afternoon and saw me on a secluded bench to have a talk which I tried to avoid at my core. He said, “I know there is something more from your side but trust me, I never saw you more than a friend”. Those were the words and that was the end. I never spoke to him afterwards. Even on our last college day, he wanted to reconcile the friendship, I never accepted his proposal. I never became friends with him again. We came on train and we left on the same train without getting back to each other.

Now, the moment came suddenly in my eyes, as I could see my mirror speaking to me to give this friendship one more time. I could feel how empty the life was without him as a friend and without having a real friend to share all the worthy news of your life. I wanted him back as a friend but I never had the guts to tell him that I made a mistake. It was unrequited love but it wasn’t his fault. He was true to me. He couldn’t love me back like that. But he wanted to be a real friend.

So, I saw finally myself in the mirror and decided to take one more chance, one more time. I knew he was social, he was still on social media, he was still accessible. I messaged him on one of the social website and guess what, he replied.

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