The Midnight’s Doorbell

When I heard window’s creaking sound, I decided it’s time to face the fate of what’s written on my world’s slate. While I switched on the lights, my gripping heart decided to take the leap and I walked towards the window to take a peek.

Seeing a creature’s shadow trying to make an entry, I decided to bring some tools from my pantry. Walking with edge of knife, my life took a surprising turn on seeing it was merely a cat. But what about the door bell? Why it’s still creating a mind’s hell.

Collecting remaining strength of my heart and my mind, I walked towards the door side. Opening it made me realize that it’s my neighbor aunt who’s creating a nuisance of this kind.

She asked – “What took you so long? I am searching for my lost cat.”

To which I said – “Is this the right time for you to walk into someone’s door even if it’s for your cat? She is your pet, she must knows her way back.”

She replied – “I wouldn’t have disturbed you if your light’s weren’t on this time.”

Meanwhile the cat was gone. The search was a failure for the aunt and now she knew that nothing could bring her back except her only will to return back home.

But since we both were up, we both were scared of the midnight, we decided not to end this time on a failed search and gathered up to have a good time. She pulled up a chair, I brought some cups of tea and the midnight cat stories started floating around the living room like broken branches of the tree.

Surprisingly, the lost creature was watching it all, standing upright on the corners of my kitchen’s window and this time, it wasn’t me but the cat who was trying to take a peek inside.

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