The World which couldn’t fly… (Love in COVID times)

Abhay was waiting for April to arrive in 2020 for last six months. Its November’19 and he has done the advance travel booking for April’20. Why? He is excited to see his lady love after a while. It’s been a year almost. She was upset. They had a break up of sorts. But, you know, love is not controllable at any cost. If it is there, it will find its way to mend. Their hearts find a way to come together again. Chats, video sessions weren’t enough. She is in Delhi and He is in Mumbai. Plans are made. Flights are booked.

They met in Goa, during a college session. He was in her class, staring right at her glasses. One stare, and there she caught him unprepared. Staring happened for few days. Then assignment was luckily allocated to them as a group. Where he met her and she met him. They became friends before they could become college mates. Finally, he ensured to let her fall in love with him again and again. Placements came. Both were having new jobs at hand but at different avenues to explore. Assuming they will manage long distance, they moved on with their hearts intact for their college romance.

Seems, like they judged the love too soon. It’s not as easy as it seems. It is going to be tough. So, it became tough for them. Abhay being occupied in work and its travel, didn’t have time to meet his love. Priya on the other hand was too occupied in judging Abhay’s actions. She assumed that he didn’t love her in a real sense. While talks fade, chats fade, hearts fade, a break happened untimely in their lives for a pause.

Life didn’t paused though. They had plans to get married and travel the world. While, living alone now on their journey’s shore, they realized how much the love was there in all of it. Priya was being forced by her parents to meet new guys for to fall into a matrimony arrangement of a kind. Abhay started spending his days and nights into work as he thought there is nothing interesting left in his personal life. And one day, just one message – How are you? opened up waves of happiness on his chat’s shore. Abhay was happy after a while for the first time. It was her. She was sweet. She knew that she judged him tight. He knew that he didn’t spend the time right without her in his arms. And both reconciled. While, Abhay has plans to leave for London for a work tour, Priya was supportive of him this time. But all she wanted was to see him once he land back from a foreign world.

Time was over, Abhay’s work was done. But COVID times has began. During tough times, he knew he has to reach India as early as he could do. April was cancelled way before. He managed to escape foreign roots in March itself to safely land in his home with his bare hands. Priya was happy to know that he is back. But she was sad as they had to cancel their first reunion trip to Goa because of this pandemic. Goa was special to both of them not because of a tourist destination, but it was their land of love, it was the place where they first met, it was a city where they they lived as college mates.

Abhay was in quarantine. He arrived in India but his freedom took a step back. Everything was relaxed, his family was happy to see him back. But soon enough, he developed symptoms and he became a COVID patient. Now, the only pray he had in his mind was not to pass on this disease to his family and, to get well soon without going too seriously sick for a ventilator.

On the other side, Priya has recently become aware of this news. She wasn’t sure of anything now. All of this has happened in such a short span of time. One day, she was happy that he is back, another day, she was sad to know that he is carrying the deadly virus of the pandemic. She was hearing the news everyday. She was sick of all of it. She knew, he has breathing problems whenever he faced his sinus related issues. Now, will he be safe or not? was a question which couldn’t stop playing havoc in her mind ever and ever again.

While she was busy procrastinating life and death, he was writing a poem on plight of airports and airplanes – he knew his world and their worlds couldn’t fly like the way they are supposed to:-

Glancing onto the cloud’s chain

Through window of an airplane

Heart realised how lucky I’m to see

Such a sight yet mind think this as an

Activity of mundane type

Until now

When you can see airports trying to hold

Planes on their chest for not to fly

Like a flower controlling a butterfly

Not to see the sky

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